The Mistake Testo

Testo The Mistake

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
The only mistake was not your pregnancy
but rather how you ripped me apart
Imagine all the possibilities
But you turned your back on me
Now i'll show you all you cant believe
We could have been a family
through struggles and hard time sjust the same
Now you've gone and taken my life away
Just blame the condom company
No one cared to think of what i felt
You put me through a living hell
Only if you didnt take my life away
Only if, just imagine where we'd be
Cure for the diseases which infect the human race
A solution to the problems that cause poverty
A simple love to overcome all of our pain
A way for this world to finally see a better day
Little child dont you cry though mother's gonna take your life
just trust in the doctor's hands that re-write god's master plan
Dad close your eyes the world, dont ask if it's boy or girl
this guilt is the price you'll pay, knowing you killed your child today
only if you didnt take their lives away
only if just imagine where we'd be
imagine technology to save human kind
imagine where we'd be if our generations had survived
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