Judge And Jury Testo

Testo Judge And Jury

Look at you lookin' back at me
Who are you to judge what's going on inside of me?
It's not your job to determine right from wrong
Check your own heart 'cause judgement is not far off
*I hope you're prepared to burn, it's time to meet your fate*
We all make mistakes, we all test god's grace
So we should lend a hand, not scorn our fellow man
We have got to stand for eachother
encourage our sisters and brothers
dont be quick to rise up in hate
casting judgement for christ's sake
who of you have no flaws to show
please proceed cast the first stone
Let's play a round of this brutal game
Pull back the skin, see who's to blame
When will you see the effects of when you judge too harshly
When will you see that you lose your friends and build enemies?
The clock ticks on and the fists you throw will never end
These tongues of burning flames resonate from your head
Final showdown, white thrown judgement awaits you
one person show and where will you go when it's through
courtroom confessions of bleeding hearts and dripping tears
think of the outcome had you checked yoruself and not your peers
maybe someday you'll understand what i'm trying to say
maybe someday you'll see
but till that day comes, dont live life on the run
check your heart and live as pure as you can be
My life on trial, take your best shot
My life i'm unashamed, i'll give you all i've got
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