Chromatic Mountain Testo

Testo Chromatic Mountain

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I remember my last lived lies
I think it's a good time for die
I'll implode on myself 'cause I've slaved my mind
Live enough for care
To leave the world around
And falling nowhere I see bloody shower
Tourning in the air I think so

It passed away
The sunlight as a razor blade
I'm tired to pray for love and hate
Dancing in your flame
I fly,go away!
Everything I've lost is everything you want
You never ever seen

Users and abusers
No one escluded,I'm really sick of try to be
I understand there's a start and an end
Ten years or an hour menas nothing 'til
Carrying masks out
Seems naturally ground
Meanwhile pain over you

Chromatic Mountain
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