Hang On A Tree Testo

Testo Hang On A Tree

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
You brake my soul,my empty lies
It's so decline my slow decline
I wanna die
So shut up baby,don't talk I'm crazy
'Cause everything you do...
You must lose yourself,but you can lose myself too
Draining you
And every single time I say "I've got nothing"
You don't know that only wrong thing
Started and finished in your words
Baby,refuse my world!
Don't think that I'm so less grown
You can't wash your hands.Oh!Tripping head
Join us with your dance
Hang On A Tree
Hang On A Tree...
I wanna go now to the last way alone,I wouldn't
Anything in a place like this

I crash your family desire
But I don't care,I never care
This is my main offender
I've never believed to..the words you said
"I love you"
I'll be a pretty liar,sweet and sour
Hiding it's the only thing she really cares
I'm sleeping for be eternally ignored
Living to forget now,living to forget,get now today
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