Fire & Skull Breath Testo

Testo Fire & Skull Breath

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Gonna make me a little smile
Rocking!Start!And I ride the light
I need more gasoline and I'll do it
Come on,it's time to pay
There's my wheels over your face
No time to think
I'm just blasting you

I'm a street shacker
I turn alright
100 MPH baby...Fire & Skull Breath this night

I'm a street stalker
I'll turn alright
My fireball burns the light baby...Fire & Skull Breath this night
Beware of me!If you don't wanna die!

Gonna make me fucking bright
Since 1999
I feel the gasoline in my youth

No matter what you say
666 racing days
I left you in fucking loser!