Ridin' On My Hell Testo

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Testo Ridin' On My Hell

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You're tired to waste your time
Leaving out the things behind
You don't need to plan the future,get the plane and say
You have no idea in a life without rock guitar screams
Oh,take a look baby...fucked up is what I say
Dreams of drunken,heaven in your life
Don't care about direction...breakes me another time
'Cause we live yeah,where everything crawl...
Leave me alone
Hey rocker hit your way alone...
We just leave our soul
Another chance to break the whole world around
And crash my liver it's so easy,my head gone far
Alone...I'm just Riding On My Hell

You spend your time to drug you
Fucking all the meanings of life
Oh yeah!Oh baby!Go!Let's burn some alcohol fuel in my fire
You needed a romantic holiday but what do you wanna daze?
I think you can put your ass alone far from my honey days
Heaven of drunken
Death is a lie
Don't care about directions...breakes me another time
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