A New Beginning Testo

Testo A New Beginning

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I won't rest my head until I touch the face of destiny. Fuck no I'm not looking for an easy way to reach better days so I can sit back, relax and let each day go by right before my eyes. What the fuck are we fighting for? If that's some kind of prize you can give it to a weaker hand. My pride's ugly and callused, so perfect in every way. I'm gonna get what I want because I know how to fight. I'd rather hollow out this chest and taste my finest then waste it's fucking time. You gotta get up and live so fucking suck it up. One life, one chance, one shot... no chain can bind our hearts! I catch shit at time for speaking my mind but I wouldn't have it any other way. Your looks and stares are supposed to degrade me? Keep feeding the fire, your life's a fucking joke. Yet you speak like the purest of angels, well I cannot, will not, let this go unsaid. From the start I've been building this bridge from my heart. Fuck you! I shall not stray. We're breaking free! I'll shove all that you flaunt down your throat and rip it out the back of your fucking skull. Don't come to me for sympathy. You tried to fuck me cause I got what you want. Get fucked! The only way that I can see moving on towards better days is finding where your heart will lead instinctively. Like dogs we play never knowing when we've sunk our teeth into fucking deep

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