Kids Like You Testo

Testo Kids Like You

You gotta go! You got the world by the balls but where's your fucking faith? File in and follow through. You won't peace if your hearts not with you. Check your sleeve and maybe you'll find where the realest of mean bare all that they feel. Deprived of fucking passion. Solace chooses few. You're not a friend, you're confused. I got no love anymore, I'm not fucking around. We're pure, so pure, because the purest of thoughts come from the strongest of hearts. I got no love anymore, I'm not fucking around. Fuck you! We got our heads on straight and you got your head up your ass. Rue the day when I loved who you were and welcomed you with a warm embrace. This time it's not gonna happen so back the fuck up, it's a must! 'Cause you're out of place!

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