Thrashachusetts Testo

Testo Thrashachusetts

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
So much for equality. Destroy the common family. Pave the road for someone else. While my hand feeds the commonwealth. So you're gonna take it all away. You got your hot seats to fill, well I got something to say. You know we're stuck in the land of opportunity without a fucking prayer because you're pissing on my dreams. Give it all to your fucking friends while we struggle to the end. Leaching off the common man. Take it all and then some more. The rich stay rich while the poor stay poor. I just can't take it anymore. Look at you, you fucking snob, passing all your decent jobs to a bunch of fucking slobs. I'm sick of all the lies, I'm sick of all the lies. Give or take what we make, it's just not right!

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