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Testo Thus Consumption

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I want you to know it's me who got the best of you. I never lost integrity. I'll fight until this storm has passed. This plague is but a memory that I let go. I skinned these hands digging the fucking grave. I buried the past to keep myself from repentance. Sentenced to rot in this nightmare. The hammer of death brings collapse to the hollow, infecting these walls like a cancer. You've soiled this house, now you'll burn like the rest. I'd die for the sound, it's the coming. Scarred with this name, I consume you. I blasphemer! And if this is goodbye then I'm smiling. And if they tear us apart then I guess I'll see you in hell, but I've never been so fucking proud. Proud to share my time with the best of you. Losing touch as the years go by. Words fall short of fucking hope again. But sometimes I feel like I'm inspired by the lonely nights that keep us on our toes. This I swear, if my time has come this boys seen better days. I skinned these hands digging the fucking grave. Scarred with this name, I consume you. I blasphemer! This I promise, you'll never be forgotten. Promise me this will never be forgotten. These days... it feels like we are all losing touch. And when it's all said and done... I'm just another kid in the crowd

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