The Vitality Testo

Testo The Vitality

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
It's all in how we grow. Choking on my tongue has begun to sicken me. You simple pawn, I watch your every move. Killing the dream with steps too bold to take. Tell me why you're here when all the darkest roads are paved for you. Pretty boys don't fucking talk to me. This passions gone beyond possession, keep the fashion in regression. With each day you run I sit and collect myself. Sifting through these memories of troubles past and screaming at the sun. So tell me why you're here, has life forsaken you? I lost my mind because I love to hate and with each passing day, it's all in how we grow. As if a hollowed corpse is your sunday's best. You're ever so beautiful when exposed. Gouge out those eyes that stall my heart and taste all of what you used to be. My epidermis, You're my one and only love. I'm sick of all of you faggots bullshit. This is no fucking trend. I'll be laughing as I'm watching you die, and this, my promise... I got the fucking vitality

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