Dogday Mornings Testo

Testo Dogday Mornings

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Past morning and I raise my head
Won´t turn on the lights, won´t get out of bed
Phone bugs me baby you´re not here
I wish I didn´t wake up

How I wish today was yesterday´s news
In my head I can´t get no trus
Friends seem like foes - creeps on the street
They´re always here to greet me

Dogday mornings
I open my eyes and they meet me
Dogday mornings always there to greet me

Been so long since the good times rolled
Police, thieves, hookers all outta control
Some get looked up some just gotta go
News days are-a-rising
But I don´t wanna know

Past sunrise and the drink´s gone sour
Wanna turn time back to the midnight hour
In my dreams you´re always here with me
But they always wake me up to greet me
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