The Electric Index Eel Testo

Testo The Electric Index Eel

Electric eyes keep track of what I´m doing
Extensive index files knows my way
Before I´m movin´
And get the picture developed
Before it´s taken

I´m disillusioned but they sure
Know my way ´round
They cast no shadow
Don´t make a sound
They´re ahead of time
It blows my mind
I´m tied up and it gets me down

I say cold hard facts - you say paranoia
You don´t have to react - they got device
To do for ´ya
They know the rhythm before it´s
Set in motion

I wanna talk to you
But I know we ain´t talkin´ alone
Feels like someone else
Is on the phone
Top secrecy
Is blowin´me
I´m tied up and it gets me down
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