Red Ink For Roses Testo

Testo Red Ink For Roses

On the top bunk on top of her.
Mending fences is no longer an option.
Burning bridges is so much easier.
My kerosene soaked jeans won't lie.

Tear stains soak through your sleeves
Catch them quick, don't let them go to waste.
Silent sobs as I leave.
I'm too young for all this heartache.
Too old for this melodrama.

You see it. You want it.
Go ahead I'll let you take it.
You had it. You lost it.
Now you'll never get it back.

We're pretending everything is alright.
Our scars are mending.
Now it's ending.
You didn't see the light.

You say pretty girls come and go.
And they do just like you.
Light me a cigarette
For the nights I lost to you.
Bury them alive and bury you too.

Cause I could slay you in a song.
In more ways than you'd imagine.
But that's not the kind of man I am.
I'm no more than a boy.
Wishing for a happy ending
That'll never come.

So go ahead and slit your wrists.
Embrace the blade's steel cold kiss.
And if I see you with your hand in his
Rest assured my dear, the shot won't miss
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