The Red And The Rose Testo

Testo The Red And The Rose

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Well i'm a sinner, and you're a saint
baby i love your new coat of paint
so i'll keep on singing till these blues turn to gold
i'll test the poison, i'll break the law
write your name on a highway wall
they say the higher you go, the better you are
but the harder you'll hit when you fall

baby i can't go running on empty
you take the red from the rose
all i've got is what you've left me

now a dollar saved is a dollar lost
look at what all these feelings cost
i'm down on a dime, wasting my time
and i can't seem to find words i've lost

so ring around the rosey babe
you might think that you've got it made
but everyone knows, you keep changing your clothes
there's a bill that will never be paid

and baby i can't go running on empty
you take the red from the rose
hide that picture, man it always tempts me
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