Do It Again Testo

Testo Do It Again

I wish we never had that fight
I take back everything tonight
I wish that I could just undo
The things that I once put you through
I wish I never sang that song
I take back everything that I did wrong
I wish that we were back again
I wish that we were more than friends

And now my life is changing
everything is rearranging
look at the stars now
look where we are now
everything seems to be right

No,no,no is what you say
Don't go,go,go,don't run away
Even though we're only friends
Let's do it again,do it again baby
Up,up,up is where we'll be
Going down,down,downtown you and me
Even though we're only friends let's do it again

It fells like I am trapped inside
With feelings that I can't deny
After what said and done
You pull the trigger with that gun
Turn your back and run and hide
With feelings that you can't deny
Tell me lies and feed me lies
Break my heart and hope to die

Baby its time that you break down
I'm breaking down
I'm breaking out
I'm falling fast
Baby its time that you tell me
How you feel,if its real
Don;t tell me last
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