Wanna Be With You Testo

Testo Wanna Be With You

Every day is a brand new day
But I can't tell you how I'm feeling now
Every day I make more mistakes
But I won't let you know I'm feeling down

Every time I look in your eyes
I want to hold you oh so tight

When you're around
I hear the sound of our hearts
But now they beat together
And here are the words I sing to you
And I do,I'll mean them all forever

And I
I just wanna be with you
And I
I just wanna be so true

I said this time its my turn to shine
On you
And show you where the sun hides
I said this time I could never find
The one who would stand by my side

The things you said are in my head
And all I want is you again
And all the things you ever do
Just makes me want to be with you
The way you say you want to stay
Together with me everyday
And all the things you ever do
Just makes me wanna be with you
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