Hey (Baby, Baby) Testo

Testo Hey (Baby, Baby)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Here we are only friends
The world keeps moving around and then
There you are alone again
Soon to be mine I want you in the end
Baby baby

I just wanna hold you
In my arms
Sweep you off your feet
And never let you down
I just want this love
To last forever
Wanna stay with you
Wanna be together
Baby baby

I wait all night
for you to call
Cause baby with you
Its like I have it all
I can't picture me
Without you
And I know that in the end
We'll make it through
Baby baby

Bang bang baby that's the way it goes
Kiss kiss honey that's the way I show
My love for you every single day
Shoot shoot sugar that's the way I taste
Love love lover don't go to waste
I'll show my love in every single way
Baby baby baby baby
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