Cry! Havoc! Testo

Testo Cry! Havoc!

Give it up and let it go
leave it to the beasts
one more moment spent will snare you
again beneath the sheets
close your eyes and make a wish
if you can. I'll tell you this
that another nasty slip like that
will only leave you dead on your
back against the wall
where decisions must be quick
they all used to understand
or at least pretend they did
but you've cried for wolf before
and indeed the beast was there
well. they've learned to bar their doors
there isn't humor left or pity for
a great white fear for facing
a harder test than seen before
you great white good for nothing
bend for the wolf no more

lay your armor down for the last time

there's no slack for lack of trying
there are no inches for you left
may your gentle heart be gingerly ripped from out your chest
in your bold attempt to flee
oh, mistakes be made for sure
only one move left for you to make
to save you from your failing grace
no love
young love
could ever defend against such
means to end
and mean they did
for what it's worth
I'll watch you choke
on what you owe

no dime no dollar
only blood will do this time
may the pain you've conjured
be as sweet as mine

lay your armor down for the last time
and again in time
those festered wounds will heal
though scar forever
you'll learn
you'll learn

(it wasn't for a lack of trying, but trying is just that. We all have armor we wear. yours is heavy and hard to touch. lay it down because the beast is always near.)

forever is a gift

lay your armor down for the last time
and still you'll know
your guilt may be relieved but
the beast is always
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