Pray To Win Big Testo

Testo Pray To Win Big

Explosions in the sky greeting broken hearts tonight I'll find an ending to the thoughts without a fighting chance you'll run (we'll die) far from civil smiles and I'll be thoughtless in abandon when I let go of your hand and never turn around.

Never pay a glance to chance that we could live another hour.
Perhaps survive throughout the night, perhaps survive again to fight.
Explosions in the sky marking the fight of both our lives.
perhaps again...

and again
I'll change my mind
I'm waiting for another lie to stand in my way
and I wont wait too long

Broken bodies in my arms.
A smiling child should do no harmful to the life that once was thriving much like love and trust now dying to lead astray and build all for herself a way.
The less than tactful of displays and deadly spark to ruin more than just my day, a week, a month, a year my life is what's at stake now here, my darling (less than honorable).
Darling, what's more honorable?
Darling, say the word.
These broken bodies must be heard.
Don't close your eyes (unless you plan to pray)

a sum with all intent to pay.
your lie of lies.
my broken faith.
a contract signed.
a fit of rage.
still should I intend to pay?
your presence gone.
no broken bones.
but shattered pride
can stand alone
and drop a man
and stronger still
you tourniquet death to my will

(my longing for december cold
a time much worse but better
when the worries owned were like the snow
and fit to melt from thoughtful glow
a give and take where choice is made
this plum can't understand how much
a touch or look can pave the way)
this day's a drag suffice (it) to say

and again
I'll waste my time
I'm waiting for another lie to stand in my way
and I wont wait too long
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