Between The Tides Testo

Testo Between The Tides

I'm the maker of this incident
i'm the only one to blame
what started out so innocent
is now begging for a name
we could've called it what it was
but you were left so torn
so innocent. eyes open wide
i was simply wanting more

between the tides you kept yourself so silent
and you kept yourself so cold
with the sighs that moved on me so heavy
and the words you never ever told
would finally lay me down to sleep

i'm a simple man with much refrain
with simple thoughts inside my head
and i've worked it through a lot of pain
but i am coming to my end
with no way to tell just what you feel
we should go our seperate ways
and when Love decides to come around
it will give me my new name and say,

"between the tides you've kept yourself so silent
and you've kept yourself so cold
but don't lose heart because i am just beginning
with the words you never ever told."
but tonight i'll lay me down to sleep
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