More Than I Am Testo

Testo More Than I Am

Pretend you're a man
pretend that for once you're made of something.
try as hard as you can
but just like before you've got nothing
and as it begins you're floating through the room so slowly
your breathing is thin
like at a ship at sea that's lost its meaning
as you curse the wind
oh its in vain your still not moving
your heart needs to mend
but you can't see just what you're choosing

without regret we're living free
but we've done things no one else has seen
we're living like we've got everything
but make believe in the finer things

the pen and the paper
the thoughts that have been swirling through my head
the over acheiver
for once i am left with nothing to be said
this all began
with a little mishap trying to pretend
i'm more than i am.
i'm more than i am
i'm more than just a man

i'm sorry for the distance
i've made mistakes before
i'm sorry for the distance
i know you wanted more
between the time that i'm gone
i know i'll change so much
and when i hurry home
i'll make sure you've had enough
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