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Testo The Mapping

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
A young man opened his eyes for the first time
and saw that he had lived a lie
against all convictions and parents' decisions
he lived his life for the first time
it couldn't be that we were made for nothing
that life is the hour glass that we just fill our time
could this really be some sort of true life story?
or is this the time we just wait to die?
alone and broken with our bodies open
this is love for the first time
it's not always the "feeling" but the coprehending
that struggle is a part of life
breathe with the confidence of your heart pounding
breathe with the confidence that life's surrounding
and breathe
i promise if i stay so delicate and grey
that i would only see
what's standing here in front of me
but if i truely live i'll have my heart to give
in ways we can't explain
because we're feeling past all the pain
the truth is we're alive
its just we're living deep inside these fragile, little minds
instead of opening our eyes
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