One Time Testo

Testo One Time

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran

One time for the masses
Two times for the Nesians on the floor dancing
Throw your hands up

Now all ahead full throttle get it popp'n like a hot bottle go crazy like you in trouble
Do it one time then switch it up to double fall in behind follow and take off like the
We still bizy getting bizy to bizy to realize who's with me coming with me let me see your hands high
Che's done it by calling the real heads got it lock tighter then 17 yr old dreadz
Freeze now get down assume the position strap my back pak take to school compotition
Like Lindsay Tate on the break for the breakers pouring out shots like taking hit's from shakers
Temptation could bring you to your knees got you captivated cause you can't compete
Now I told ya your suppose to throw your hands high like riding a roller coaster screaming at the same


It's easy
Simple like 123
Like Hi Tek on that MPC
People is time to get down, time to get down y'all
It's easy
Simple like ABC
Finesse like VC from the key
People is time to get down.

Let the ladies just
Stir it up, stir it up
Selecta gone
Turn it up, turn it up
Nesian can't help but
Burn it up, what can I say y'all
We came to play y'all

Where dem body rock
From night to morning
F.O.B connects with Hori
It's Nesian just doing our thing


We go back to back on your 1's & 2's
Proceed to let loose, commence to form moods
Some heads rock to, another prefer to groove
I flow the truth through my lips like the gospel
It's 2 step so it ain't to complex
Recognise where we rep, sounds is mos def
But it ain't Brooklyn!
Correction is Grey Lynn as a matter of fact
Even on a crunk like beat
I still deliver as the S.A.B.R.E
Spell my name so many times I hope you can read
Or at least pronounce it right
It ain't say-breeh in the house to night
It's say-bur deliver heat straight from the tropics
Deep south crunk ghetto mixtapes cop this
No money to my name, only change in the pocket
Snoop said bring like it's HOT so we dropped it

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