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I say people
What's got you down?
Don't let them little things in life
Hold you down
I say people
What's got you down?
Don't let them little things in life
Keep you on the ground

I been feeling this way now for a while
Been meaning to see you
So hear me now
Heard from a friend of a friend that you
Been needing this track especially to get you
Off the wall and on the floor
Get you feeling so good that nothing in this whole wide world
Could even get close, to almost getting you down


So over whelming is the crying at night, the charts echo it
So lonely & incomplete get regular record spins
As they say arts just a reflection of life
So reading the chart seems things aren't appearing to bright
But unlike McCartney we can't let it be
Cause from Kanye to the far Middle East
Love is the new hate from the streets of U.K
Trinity had the roots of the game, what they say?
Little things so intricate; never noticed but once missed are so evident
Bring that sunshine S.Carter spoke of
And know love like my brothers from the groove house does!
So people think your living large like B.I.G
When really you need the doc care of D.R.E
We came to break them with D.L.T
So we wrote with you in mind as the V.I.P


So take it easy now don't wanna hurt yourself suffer from a condition like everyone else
With melodic styles an flows to end this drought take this track listen daily it will instantly help

For what ever to please needs laxing in the summer sun
Get your groove in the mood or simply to have fun
Spend some quality time with your daughter and son
Your looking better already and this track still ain't done
See this team doing damage
We consist of the baddest
When in the lab we mix the maddest conger up another DMON FINGUZ phat track with DJ NOTIQ combined with mental knowledge to produce this product
Like I said it before since day 1 it's been the same war like a crack addict to the floor's what you feen for
So don't prolong it for another minute shake off them little things an keep it NESIAN with it


I heard it through the Grapevine like Gladys & the Pips that you were in need of something and I believe that it's this
Delivery swift in the booth we don't waste time
Got that Bump Bump across the top of the bass line
I provide feel good pick me up type feelings
You can nod your head or raise your hands towards the ceiling
What you feeling?
Man we came to break it off
All day we get it off
The place we set it off

And while this beat is dropping
We gone keep it rocking
Ain't no stopping this cause it's all for you
And while this beat is dropping'
We gone keep it rocking
Ain't no stopping this cause it's all for you

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