So Good Testo

Testo So Good

Yeah roll down from up town platinum all round to the westside rolling classics rides you know it's eastcoast so purpose a toast cause we turn a party out down south
Roll to central city with nights with no end's ain't no going back once a track begins sshea
Oh no we gone done it again on a rise take flight home base in Grey Lynn

I haven't had much sleep
Been working hard all week
I can't wait to party tonight
So I call up some friends Rendezvous around 10
Looking fly with the Nesian up high

It's N-E-S to the I-A-N
It really don't matter what spot that you in
Bounce, Ya'll know we bring that Funk like Flex
We bound to turn it out till there ain't nothing left
From a spark to a flame, feel the heat get higher
Just getting' started got the place on Fire
It's party night and we bout to get with' it
DJ spin that back run de Rhythm

I wanna dance with you
Oh it could feel so good
I wanna dance with you
Oh it could
Feel so good

It's time to do my thing
Run it like I was king
I'm having such a good time
My cash flow is nice
Digging hard on this vibe
Like it was the last night of our lives

I ain't waited out front for this junk
Either we're making moves or bring it live like the roots
And jump to it, we keep it flowing like it's fluid
Smooth tone for the crooners holding fort like the rulers
Cruise control slow mo like I'm 5-0
2 step kings katch'a'fire like revival
Blinded by the shine off the vultron kicks
Cause Ali & the Nesians be the ultimate


I just wanna dance
Just wanna dance
I just wanna dance
Just wanna dance

The roof yeah we put it up in ashes
Arsonistic, we drop heat with passion
Got them saying in all neck of the woods
"Oh these freshmen got me feeling' so good"

Pin point the joint for the first round pick
Got more spins than a usher clip
Flows so slick like rick the scales tip
9 point 5 when the baseline hits

Nothing short of A-class we jump start a party make you get down like 151Bacardi
Take it back doing it like JayDee Fo Sheez 4 Sea's 1218 I wanna

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