Yours Sincerely Testo

Testo Yours Sincerely

Sometimes I tend to forget
Just how lucky that I am
To have a family whereby I got my mum and dad
And a sister who likes to
Test my patience when she can
But time will educate her
So proud of you, I am
But It ain't all been clear sailing
I've hurt someone on the way
I hope she knows my flame burns on
I hope that you're ok
Life has taught me lessons
To let people know you care you, see
I may not even know you but
In advance, thank you from me

To my friends that got my back
The teachers kept me on track
All the fans that played this track
Thank you from me

I want to tell my sis I love you, even though we don't get on all the time
As your little brother I apologise
For neglecting the respect you deserve
My pride for you could never be described in words
Secondly I send props to my mums and pops
Who's love defied culture & the norm called pop
Sticking together through the money scares & the funny stares
The most eclectic pair that did ever share this earth
2 unique characters merged forever by my birth
And I appreciate all your hard toil & work
And to my wife, the crowning jewel of my life
Each year you shine brighter I give thanks to Christ
To be blessed by such a women who has seen so much
Yet stands upon the word as the seed we clutch
My son & daughter you are the hope I breathe

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