The Remainder Testo

Testo The Remainder

The rhythm surround the room
You'll be sleeping soon
The radio plays it's tune
You'll be dreaming
I'll take a match to the paper moon
And set it alight
A bright night light for you

I'll hold my body still
I'll hold against its will
I'll hold my breath
Until I'm blue and I'm bruise
You'll say this mind is ill
But sleep will come it will
First let the truths lay real
And dream will come back to you

The rocks they've thrown
Are all put down
And the backs that turned
Are all turned back around
And your hands still warm
In my own at night
But your bodys cold
Won't you warm it with mine

You cut my hair by the moon light
And I held my breath out of fright
As the locks fell loose by your side
And I had nowhere
Left to hide this pride

Now I'll bend my body till it breaks
I'll bend these truths to make you space
I'll bend and I'll break
For you.
And all I'll bring you is love.
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