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20th Century Man
20th Century Song
After The Fall
All Day And All Of The Night / Destroyer
All She Wrote
Art School (Dialogue)
Art School Babe
Autumn Almanac
Back In The Front Room
Better Things
Celluloid Heroes
Creatures Of Little Faith
Dad And The Green Amp (Dialogue)
David Watts
Days / This Time Tomorrow
Dead End Street
Going Solo
Hunchback (Dialogue)
Hymn For A New Age
Imaginary Man
In A Moment
Is There Life After Breakfast?
It's Alright (Havana Version - The Kinks Name Dialogue)
It's Alright (Managers Dialogue)
It's Alright (Uptempo Version)
Julie Finkle (Dialogue)
London Song
Lonely Hearts
Long Way From Home
Missing Persons
Morphine Song
My Big Sister (Dialogue)
My Name (Dialogue)
Next-door Neighbour
No One Listen
Not Far Away
One More Time
Other People's Lives
Over My Head
Peace In Our Time
Quiet Life
Return To Waterloo
Run Away From Time
See My Friends
Set Me Free
Set Me Free (Instrumental)
Sold Me Out
Stand Up Comic
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day (Alternative Mix)
That Old Black Magic
The Ballad Of Julie Finkle
The Front Room (Dialogue)
The Getaway (Lonesome Train)
The Real World
The Third Single (Dialogue)
The Tourist
The Voodoo Walk
Things Are Gonna Change (The Morning After)
This Is Where I Belong
Till The End Of Day
Tired Of Waiting For You
Vietnam Cowboys
Voices In The Dark
Waterloo Sunset
When Big Bill Speaks / The Man Who Knew A Man (Dialogue)
Working Man's Café
Working Man's Cafe
Writing The Song (Dialogue)
You Really Got Me
You're Asking Me
Yours Truly Confused N°10
Yours Truly, Confused N10