Carmalina Testo

Testo Carmalina

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Carmalina, she works for jesus
sweeps the church, ole st. marie
she tried to leave once
juarez for phoenix
never got nowhere
dressed in flowers
she spends her hours
one by one
drying up in the sun
but come the twilight
you can bet that she might
put on her makeup
to cover up one more time
carmalina, a mexican prize
won by many
in the bars late at night
strange behavior
for our savior
born a stranger to affection
her adolescence fell by the way
like a child actor
she grew up too quickly
moving so swiftly
alt. verse:
when the rains came
no one was to blame
they wrote it off
as they rolled her way
my fallen angel
i know you meant well
my fallen angel
i know you meant well
my fallen angel
i know you meant well
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