Chances Are Testo

Testo Chances Are

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Looking for a job on the hill
the president should
but I don't think he will
my stepfather's name is bill
he's married to my mom
and a little white pill
ah, louise, won't somebody, please
take me away
far from gone, roatan
out on the carribean
she had all the colors
of the rainbow in her hair
we all wanted to kiss her
so I took the dare
then they tied all the cans to
the back of our wagon
in the end it was just our
love that was draggin'
ah, louise, won't somebody, please
take me away
far from here where I disappeared
from your eyes a long time ago
chances are
i guess worth the taking
you follow your heart
though it keeps on breaking
and in the light of dawn
soon I'll be gone
like a song in your thoughts
all alone while you're sleeping
i was living life on my own
till I got a call
took the long ride home
to take care of the ones who took care of me
in my highly dysfunctional family
stripped of his clothes
cursing the cancer
god's only got so many prayers
he can answer
'cause with millions of eyes
and millions of souls
somebody's bound to be
left in the cold
ah, louise, won't you help me please
take me away
far from now
won't you show me how
to get on with
the rest of my days
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