Paper Moon Testo

Testo Paper Moon

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Woke up
thought you were there
couldn't find you anywhere
i need to know
where I can send
i made a card
for you, my friend
i cut out
a paper moon
put it on the corner of the sky
underneath the clouds of glue
i drew the sun for you
i'm here on delphi street
where the houses connect
and the people meet
it's near well nothing you would know
it's not like the places we used to go
after hours
under years
full of fears
count sheep
go to sleep
you are complete
you are complete
when laughter comes so easy
it's not hard to feel so high
when moments are like magic
and you're feeling so alive
you're reminded there is splendour
in all it's revelry
that cannot be taken lightly
it is not eternity
taking some time to remember
'cause nothing lasts forever
repeat first verse
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