River Song Testo

Testo River Song

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
It's a bright light on a dark night
showing me my way home
came at the right time
ah, you must have read my mind
when everything was scattered
you came along and mattered
feels so right i wish this night could never end
we could do it over and over and over again
who knows, baby, but someday maybe
you came along and shattered
everything that mattered
sometimes it's like a river
sometimes it's like a stone
but you, you are an island
and I am not afraid
to be stranded here and stay
with you
come on girl, come with me
come on inside
we'll head up into the mountains
yeah, we'll take that ride
roll some bones, lay back,
tell some stories of home
'cause even if it shatters
it's the memories that matter
it's hard to feel these days aren't numbered
but you've got to let go at last
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