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Anti-Human Black Metal Wrath
Black Fucking Murder
Black Treasures Of Melancholy
Black Unholy Happiness
Crimson Wine
Cursed Be The Flesh I Have Spared
Cursed Blaze Of Rituals
Dark Embrace
Dark Fortress
Dead Ravens Memory
Disciple Of The Heinous Path
Echoes From A Morbid Night
Feeding The Crawling Shadows
Frowning, Existing
Funerary Descent
Heretic Iron Will
In Charnel Darkness
Inside The Demon's Maze
Iron, Blood And Blasphemy
Kingdom Below
Night Of Sacred Wisdom
Nightmares & Necromancy
Obire Pestis
Postludium - Silver Womb Of Mother Moon
Preludium - Golden Seed Of Father Sun
Reaping With Curse And Plague
Reaping With Curses & Plague
Remains Of An Unholy Past
Return Of The Rats
Returning To Misery & Comfort
Satanic Black Devotion
Scion Of Glory And Pride
Sinister Glow Of The Funeral Torches
Snares Of Impurity
Sworn By The White Wolves Blood
The Covenant Rite
The Crown of Burning Stars
The Dark Embrace
The Impaler Prince
The Moon Growing Colder
The Rebirth Of A Cursed Existence
The Shunned Angel
The Unspoken Ones
Unto The Undead Temple
Vorax Obscurum
Wraith Messiah