Could've Been You Testo

Testo Could've Been You

Don't even try to step to me now
When i was feel'n you, you gave me thumbs down
You had your other woman
You said that i was tripp'n
But now you see me with them
And now you see who's tripp'n - What
You know what i'm talkin' about so
Stick your tongue back in your mouth and go
You can't come back in my house
And no, don't try to step to me when you see me out

It could've been you
The one that i was givin' my love to
Back then you knew i was into you
And now you can't believe that i'm over you
Goodbye to you
It could of been you

So how are your boys now
When it was me and you that was all you was about
When i needed you, you had things to do
But that Ishh is cool, cause the jokes on you now
There's nothing you could say to me so go
You thought that you could play wit me, oh no
Somebody is just checkin for me and so
You ain't nothing but some suckers to me