Do What You Came To Do Testo

Testo Do What You Came To Do

You say you're kinda freaky
Well im here waiting for you
Over talking it
I know you want me
Cause you talk a good game yea
Im sitting here waiting
So dont just stay there and stare

Talk dont get you no where
Come on baby take it if you want it
Talk dont get you nothing
So quit talking and just work it

Do what you came to do
Cause you know that im gon work this thang on you
Just do what you cane to do
Cause you know that im gon work this thang on you

Why you acting scared now
You know you want it
You wanted it to do this
So now lets go all out
You said you could work this
Why you giving up now
It ain't over till its over
Or somebody gets laid out

[Repeat Chorus]

See me at the club
Eyes on me
Say you wanna give me love
Been tryna leave, talking big stuff, lying to me
Told your friends, I been crying a bit
Would ya, could ya
Give me something to look forward to
Move something like the ballers do
Work it out yo
Dont wanna hear it out your mouth though
If you cant handle me
Ill be outro

[Repeat Chorus]

We at the crib now
Now you know where I live now
I heard you talking with the jazz in the background
Put the smack down
How you act now
Wanna back down
Wasnt when you put the mack down
Had enough, fact that you couldnt get with it
It's bad enough, keep you out, get me mad enough
Just hold, give me a kiss
Can you back it up before you talk that ish

[Repeat Chorus Out]