Uh Oh Testo

Testo Uh Oh

Yeaa yeaa

I met him last night
Me and my man just had a fight
Went to a party, and god something aint right
Thats when I saw this man in all white
(Uh oh, uh oh)
Body like woah, looked my eyes said, what you wanna do
He pulled me in close and put his lips on mine
That's when my man came in from behind

[Chorus] Uh oh, My man done seen me with another, thug yo
I think I'm in a little bit of trouble
He caught me red handed, and I don't know
What I'm gonna do, I got caught up
In the moment, and I neva thought of
What would happen, if he ever saw us
But he did, and I, and I dont know what to do

Stormed out upset,
It wasn't my fault, but I look suspect
Cause dude was all up on me like that
My man neva shoulda saw me like that
So I told oh boy, I'll be right back
I'm lookin for my man, but just like that
He was gone, and ain't never come back
And there aint nothing I can say that
That'll make him understand


[Rap N.O.R.E.]
Oh its just a sign, going straight back
All the shit I did for you way back
Breakin my stacks in half
We would smoke stacks and laugh
Now you behind my back with another cat, you at
How you gon' do me like that
I wouldn't have been steady, if i knew you was hoein around
And all this time I thought my boo, was really holdin it down,
It's over wit now
I ain't even knowin you now
Ask u new friend, why you mad at N.O.R.E now, I'm out.