Brand New Girl Testo

Testo Brand New Girl

I'm gonna skin you alive, and make asuit out of your hideAnd then I'll go downtown andI'll make believe I'm youI'm gonna put your favorite dress on,I'm gonna put on your perfumeI'm gonna go out and find outwhat it's like to be you.I'm gonna flirt with all the boys,I'm gonna be so fucking coyAnd they won't know inside it's me - it isn't youAnd while I'm being you, you'll get yourtaste of being meAll alone and crying, dying with no onearound to seeI won't be there to help you this time, now you'lllearn your lessonI'll be out with your red dress on , giving itaway for freeI'm gonna be a brand new girl, I'm gonna own thiswhole damn worldAt every party I will be the queenI'm gonna find out what's so great abouteverything I hateFrom now on I'm you and there is no more meIt didn't have to come to this, but I guesslife is full of twistsAnd love is just one breath away from hateWe could have been the biggest thing since theycrowned the Presley boy the kingBut now it's time for me to end this stalemate.