Blessed Are The Merciful Testo

Testo Blessed Are The Merciful

I lift my eyes to the mountains
From where shall help come to me?
My hope comes from the Lord my God
For he is merciful.

When we are lost, he searches for us
To hold us in his arms.
His holy blood will heal our wounds
To breathe new life into us.
Blest are the merciful, blest are the merciful.
For it is mercy, that shall be shown to those who show mercy. [2x]

[Vs. 2]
Unless the Lord forgives when we fall
We wouldn’t be able to stand
But he forgives, he pardons us
Let us do the same.

God paid our debts with the blood of his son
Who rose to life from the tomb.
Our spirit within cries out to the world:
Jesus is the Lord!

So cast aside your fear and have faith
Give your cares to the Lord.
Trust in Him for He has risen
The Lord your God is Alive!