Exile Dial Tone Testo

Testo Exile Dial Tone

We're part of a culture that really loves to hate us
Every chance they get they attempt to isolate and debate us
It's not that they don't like us, its just they don't like
God in us
It's common knowledge and Oddly enough, it makes a lot of
sense to a lot of us,
We completely understand because we use to occupy the same
And lived in a similar type state until we tasted of God's
So we continue loving this world that so easily rejects us
And passionately press past the lack of their cultural
And as if there weren't enough problems for us gaining
We keep fighting over the issue of what's too worldly of a
christian to make a difference
So no matter how you paint it or politically campaign it
Whether you water it down and drain it. It's really all the
same ain't it?
It's the same frustration, same constant segregation
Christians living like aliens trying to relate with citizens
of a different nation
What always makes for a better presentation then bark and
Is a proper understanding of living life filled with salt
and light
So we walk this fine line of walking in light of God's
And live with a sense of worldliness without the fear of
Loving God and neighbor until Christ comes to split the sky
Or die in this society hailing Jesus as Messiah

Hey, I thought we won the battle but it really looks like we
losing it
What we do seems insignificant, so limited in our influence
They don't listen to our message, we scream and yell it,
they say it's irrelevant
It's the greatest story ever told but a television ain't
telling it
So often they just mock our faith and it makes me wanna hide
my face
Why we sitting on our hands with no plans like we got time
to waste?
The culture could change if someone stepped up for the cause
To rep us and our God, but who will accept the job?
If only we had better rappers to gain us more respect
To validate what we believe and keep our name up in the
But God does not use the same methods as the world
He chose the foolish and the weak to bring His message to
the world
We were rescued from the world, He left us here to be His
We don't need more superstars we need more Gospel centered
Working as the body to bring the Gospel to the nations
Even when we face rejection Jesus is our validation
And we will be vindicated, yeah we know His path is narrow
To follow Him requires more than bumper stickers and apparel
They will know us by our love, not by our celebrities
So we pray for those who persecute us and show love to our

We are in this world not of it, not to be scared and run
from it
We shine light in the darkness, that's why He left us here
Calling out to all the exiles, the Lord will not forsake you
His kingdom can't be shaken, hold strong the end is near
We are the light of the world, so, shine on