The Size Of Grace Testo

Testo The Size Of Grace

And for this I'm not fit for the task to craft words with
Adequate passion to match the
Size of grace beyond anything I can grasp
But it grabs hold of me so I hold on tight and hug it back
Surrounded by grace that surpasses the past
Beyond anything we could hope for or ask
How can words describe the Word made flesh
The best way to understand Him is to understand His death
What he set to accomplish and fulfill with every step
He was sent from the father, God's gift to the world
Gave His only Son to purchase sons and daughters
To make us one with the Son and one with the Father
Took upon Himself the condemnation we deserve
Resurrected after death and he promised to return
Filled us with the spirit to seal our reelection and protect us until the day that we share in his resurrection
The size of grace, how great the size
The gates of heaven are open wide
And people of all kind are welcome inside
Should've been denied, but instead God replied
He said
In your place, my son has died
His death gave you life, it's the size of grace
Innocent blood that was shared to erase every trace of sin for a chosen race
It's the great exchange, it's the power to change
The Gospel, salvation, for all who believe
All for His glory,
Overcoming our hatred and sin with His divine love

The love of our God
Gracious and kind
God became a man and suffered for mankind
The punishment for our sin was worn out on Him
So we could be forgiven and forever live
Saved by grace, the cost was not cheap
We can't add to it
His work is complete
The greatest gift we can ever receive is the Gospel, salvation, for all who believe

So we pray for strength with the power of His Holy Spirit
So that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith
That we would have the strength to comprehend together with all the saints
The height, depth, and length
The love of Christ that surpasses knowledge
Filled with the fullness of God
The size of Grace