You Can Save Me Testo

Testo You Can Save Me

My dragon skin was torn off (was torn off)
Now my blood is thickening up
And I am longing to be free
Only you can save me (save me)
Only you can save me

There's so many different religions, I don't have the time
to name them
Is each one a different road that is made from the same
Does every road out there go to the same destination?
Does every religion offer us the same salvation?
Can mankind make an image of a God and be convinced
That the God they imagine in their mind is a God that
But if God made man, how can man make a God and make a
That God is confined to fit within a frame
How can mankind decide how God should be identified?
Can you alter the truth if you accept or deny?
Do the stars disappear when the blind look at the sky?
Or do they simply fail to see what was there the whole time?
Is this flesh all we have, is life over when we die?
Is this rotting body all that we got? Is there a soul
Is there no absolutes in this life, no truth?
No wrong, no right, no dark, no light, NOOO!
If God is love, why does he allow the hatred?
If he wiped out the wicked the whole earth would be vacant
He is our breathe of life but our sin suffocated and
This necessitated resuscitation for spiritual respiration
and reconciliation
To recognize our desperation for restoration
From the devastation of sins domination who can save us?
To God alone belongs salvation

Locked in to so many self incarcerated cages
Swallowed the keys to our future freedom from past ages
Persuaded and traded a King for crowns, evil invaded
And predicated a situation of insolence toward his eminence
As much as we try to conceal it there's really no
The penance for pursuing profane pleasure is payment
And death is what its wages is, It kill but its contagious
We lust because who love it, He's just but just jaded
So it seems hopeless when we focus on the consequence
Criminals continue killing conscience and common sense
remaining obstinate
So we play it low, die slow, and face the arraignment
We plead "No contest" in contempt for no containment
No pardon for guilty parties cause no person is perfect
So God in the second person of the trinity permanently
With a perfect purpose and a death of an infinite worth
Raising from the earth to assert certain prophetic words
Serving as legal substitution to completely reverse the

Only you can save me
Only you can save me
Only you can carry me away
Only you can breathe the life in me
Only you can save me (only you can save)
Only you can save me (only you can save me)