A New Dimension Testo

Testo A New Dimension

I often wonder who we really are The world's expanding and we've come so far Our new technology will fly you straight to the moon Sometimes I wonder there's no end to space It's never ending there's no final place There's a place still out there In a dream I've been there before A new dimension So Far Beyond The Stars A New Dimension Across The Space Of Mars A New Dimension Where We Can Go I've Heard The Voice From A New Dimension Call So As We're Flying Thru The Universe We're Moving Faster Than The Speed Of Light While Passing Jupiter, Venus Is Burning Bright And As We're Gliding Past The Milky Way I Hear The voices Of The Heavens Say You're Not Alone There's A Place Far Away In Space Chorus Repeat To Set You Free I've Seen The Light Of Day Chorus Repeat There's A Place Still Out There Cause In A Dream I've Seen It Before You're Not Alone Now, You're Not Alone You've Been Chosen By Gods In Space Come On And Do It Come On And Sing It Come On Do It Right