Lonely Testo

Testo Lonely

Lonely So long you said and packed your things and walked away All those plans we had was suddenly some memories in grey What you say I can´t live with It´s so hard to get you out of my mind Do you feeel the pain that i´m going through Darlin´ Have you ever been lonely Do you know what i´m feeling now Have you ever been lonely Have you ever been lonely Let me say Sayin´you´re sorry That doesn´t help me alone Baby Say that you worry That it will turn out far Have you ever been lonely Have you ever been lonely When you really need somebody so much You wanna reach out and tough You´re the only one You´ll know that you find Another day is apssing by The night is causing in What tomorrow will bring Is emptiness like ev´ry other day Yes it is If you can please understand Cause i try to find a way back to you I just need to know, you´re feel that way too Darlin´ Chorus Wish i could turn back time To see there is something i could change Now, I leave it it all behind Pretending was an empty romnce I´m gonna leave you right here Chorus