All My Dreams Testo

Testo All My Dreams

All My Dreams I feel Destroyed without You Guess I Can't Make It Right Forgive Me I Know What I've Done Is Wrong I Tried To Make You Stay You Told Me It's Over The Same Old Song The Days Of Silence Were Too long And Now Are You Feeling Good Without Me I Watched You From Far Away You Cried I Wanted To Hold You Again But Then I Saw Him There I Froze In A State Of Fright Who Is This Guy? I Pulled A Gun And Shot The Bastard Down Now All My Dreams Are Dark And Blind All The Tears Are Wasted Water All My Fears Have Passed Away I Can't Go On Without You By My Side No More Make Sure You're Careful Now And Write Me So Now And Then To Feel You Near You Know That I Love You I'm Wiping Away The Tears I'm Sorry For The Pain I Caused It's Been So Long I Can't Go On Without You By My Side Chorus Repeat