Messing With Me Testo

Testo Messing With Me

Babe it´s me callingare you alive and wellhow is your mama has the weatherbeen you forget medo you exclude my namewhen you narrate your life to allyour new found friendsbut i am creeping up on youkeeping an eye on what you dobaby there is gonna beno more playing games with meyou should not bemessing with metry me and you will seebaby don´t bemessing with meI can´t wait to make you seegive me your moneygive me your peace of mindjust give me somethingin return for what you stoleI´m cut but not bleedingscarred but not turn aparti just need something kinda strongto fill the holewell you can change your haircutchange your nameI´m gonna find you all the samebaby there is gonna beno more getting smart with mechorus repeatnever thought i´d get to seethe jealousy livin´ inside of mechorus repeat