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Testo B.o.B. And Bobby Ray Outro

So there you have it! [claps]
This has been the B.o.B mix [clears throat] (and Bobby Ray)
The B.o.B (AND) Bobby Ray mixtape
And, YOU KNOW, eh-heh
I mean thank y'all for checkin out my side
(I know y'all skipped over Bobby Ray's music)
(You don't have to tell him) And, y'know
It was a great mixtape... (move move move, move, move)

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Bobby Ray
And allow me to appropriately close out this mixtape
by letting you know, and informing you {yawn}
that more music is coming soon
Thank you all for checking out, Bobby Ray, and my music
Thank you for enjoying such, umm

Man man over, ain't nobody care
Get, get out, move move
Anyway! Like I was saying, my name is B.o.B
(Hater, hater!) And this is, the... (he's a hater)
Well uh, hey guess what Bob?
Guess what website they're gonna go to?
B-O-B-A-T-L dot com
Guess what else?
They're gonna go to MySpace dot com slash B-O-B-A-T-L
Guess what?
YouTube dot come slash B-O-B-A-T-L
So anyway {ahem} like I was saying
This has been the "B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray" mixtape
So make sure y'all stay tuned
Make sure you keep it, LOCKED! Hehehe nah
Seriously though, my name is B.o.B a/k/a Bobby Ray
You know what? My name is Bobby Ray a/k/a B.o.B
This has been the "B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray" mixtape
My name is B.o.B Ray
and I'm gone!