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Testo B.o.B. Intro

Geah ladies and gentlemen!
Right now, you are listenin to
none other B dot, lowercase O, dot B
My name is B.o.B, and right now
this is the "B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray Mixtape"
Now - there's a lot of talk about this guy called Bobby Ray
And, Iiiiii think it's cool - he's aight
He-ah-he-he's aight, he's aight, yeah he's cool, ah-heh
But, we all know they really came to see...
B.o.B! Nah I'm just jokin, heh! But seriously, heh hah
We know who they wanna hear
They wanna hear me comin at ya, beat up them verse just
AHH AHH AHH AHH y'knahmsayin? Just killin 'em!
Anyway man, uhh, uhh y'know, but it-but it's cool
Bobby Ray'll do his thing, but anyway
Enough of me talkin, let's get to the music
we gon' let y'all decide
My name is B.o.B, I approve this message
And I'm gone!!