Voltage Testo

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Testo Voltage

Well she strike like a lightning bolt
She highly electric, a thousand volts yeah
She'll shock you up out your clothes
One strike then there she go
I'm talkin 'bout her
Oh yeah!
I'm talkin 'bout her
Oh yeah! I'm talkin 'bout..

[repeat 2X over end of Chorus]
(Talkin 'bout her man) (Oh yeah)

Now baby girl's highly electric, cute but deceptive
Straight high voltage, fool with the poses
Will I smoke it? Ye ain't gotta ask me
I make her strip like Puff did Cassie
Frank White, Lil' Kim, lick her on her chest
Ain't nothin like a tit with a lil' Henn'
Got her new, tryin to get it in
Sayin shit like "Girl just once let me put it in"
I'm talkin 'bout her
Talkin 'bout girl, you fine as fuck
So talk about me, up in that P
Leg to the West, one leg to the East (spread 'em)
And let me go deep, like Roddy White
Stood up in it and the girl got hype
But man I don't know, somethin ain't right
Shawty got different niggaz callin all night
I'm talkin 'bout her
Jack in, jack in
Givin me a feeling like a Blackwood, Blackwood
Momma's so appealing and I got this, option
that we can get it poppin
And right after I plug her
I can take her to an outlet for shopping, shopping
But I don't know if I trust her
So I gotta go, peace out, he's out
like all up in my head tweaked out
Keep out, I don't know what to think, she's out
on the town gettin frisky
Raising the hairs on my arm when she with me
Shorty got charm
Lucky just to be with her, breathe with her
But T-R-E's with her, and he did her
Deliver her to me, currently, it worries me
what her and he did vertically
If I see her with him I pass out
No bolts, no volts or pulse I black out

[over end of Chorus]
(I'm talkin 'bout her bro) (You mean her?)
(Yeah her bro) (Hehehehe)

I'm talkin 'bout she's so psychadelic
She's so cool you can tell she gellin (hehe!)
And Led Zeppelin sell it
If she were a statue, she'd be a relic
Strikin like venom, in all white denim
Sugar in the brain cells on my neurons
I'm on her like the Hamburgler on buns
Runnin like the marathon you run
Someone gave her a medallion
Kickin like kung-fu from Shaolin
Which means how she looks is arousing
And so I'm thinkin how lucky her blouse is, yeah
Built like brick houses
Appraised at about eight hundred thousand, heh
And so the whole place shoutin
So for her I gotta scream this ballad, likev