I Am The Man Testo

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Testo I Am The Man

I am the man, I am the man, am the man

I am the man, I am the man, am the man [4X]

Geah; up in this booth, so let me introduce
myself to all the haters that debate on what I do
Yeah, they in my face but I fade away and shoot
I - beat up the basket that's the way I do
Yuh! Just like a bottle of vodka, I'm Absolut
The proof is in the product, I'm hotter, and that's the truth
I squish the competition with the bottom of my shoe
But competition is none, so what am I to do?
And I was worth it, yeah - since they birthed me
But now I've murdered these verses put 'em in hearses
I, ate all the food on my plate but I am thirsty
From open mics, the flashing lights, I learned it
And what I learned is the game ain't for certain
So I live my life, I ain't worried
while I fly my high behind curtains

Down South hustlin, came up from nothin
Trap in the apartment, with a controlled substance
Livin with my momma, 'til I got busted
Down on my dick, maybe start back hustlin
Moto' crack workin, so I'm bailin money
Sick cell phone, distributin to the junkies
McDonald trap got me gettin to the money
Turn the warm water then I count up the hundreds
Murder by trap, hand it down for the zombie
One trap car and it was mainly for the junkie
Been a damn man ever since I was a young'n
Blue color chain like it came from Yonkers
Candy colored jewelry like my name was Willy Wonka
Came to the club, truck tall like a Tonka

I, am the man, makin jumbo
Keep the game hot like a big pot of gumbo
Do dumb shit, but don't be thinkin that I'm dum, bro
Watch what you say, I hear it all like I'm Dumbo
You say you wanna rumble? Is your dumb hoe?
Toe to toe you're bound to stutter or stumble
Take your tough talk down to a mumble
It ain't goin down in my house, like Mutumbo
But it's definitely an honor
to light your scaff' up for the money like I'm a brawner
brother, brother I consider it a pleasure
to break you down to minimum measure, just for the leasure
(The leasure?) Oh shit, my bad, I mean the leisure
Forgot who I was talkin to like I got amnesia
Damn, back on the track again, the mack is back again
Get the word out to them boys and tell 'em pack it in